Chippewa Falls, Chippewa River (BragaVision Media)

Chippewa Falls, Chippewa River

Chippewa Falls, Duncan Creek (BragaVision Media)

Chippewa Falls, Duncan Creek

Lake Wissota (BragaVision Media)

Lake Wissota

Menomonie Lake (BragaVision Media)

Lake Menomin

Menomonie Street (BragaVision Media)

Main Street, Menomonie WI

UW Stout Campus in the Rain (BragaVision Media)

UW Stout Campus in the Rain

Spring Creek Bridge, River Falls

Veterans Park Pedestrian Bridge, River Falls

Phoenix Park Eau Claire

Phoenix Park Eau Claire

Eau Claire River Eau Claire

Eau Claire River Eau Claire

Wise Choices for Cleaner Waters

The Rain to Rivers...Wise Choices for Cleaner Waters is an education campaign sponsored by Rain to Rivers of Western Wisconsin, and is aimed at protecting and improving the quality of local lakes, streams, rivers, and wetlands.

Rain to Rivers is on facebook!

Announcing the "Storm Water Education and Small Project Fund". To learn more about this grant program, go to the "Events" page.